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What is Perspective Science?

This is the study of the human perspective. Each of us has a unique mindset we use to view and regard things in the world. No one but you can access your perspective. You are the only one who experiences what you sense, knows what you think, and feels your emotions. All of this transpiring in your mind constructs your reality. 

Perspective Science is a curriculum that breaks down the science behind the personal experiences of sensing, thinking, and feeling. It will provide learners with a powerful awareness of themselves and of the influences around them. With this understanding, learners will gain a sense of control over their outlook, behaviors, and ultimately- their happiness. 

What is our most important challenge?

The time has finally come where the most important question we must find the answers to as a human race is, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Conflict has been a part of human history as long as we have recorded it; elements of societies have been driven to defend causes to the death. The difference between other periods in history and now is that modern innovation has created the combination of instant global communication with fast-acting weapons capable of unthinkable and nearly immediate destruction. All it takes is for a relatively few people to become upset, lose their tempers, and act irresponsibly. The human complexities that drive us to unyielding differences have never had such high stakes. 

Why do we need change?

Our precarious future depends on a deeper and widespread working understanding of the things that separate each one of us from each other. Simply stated, while we teach the core mathematics and sciences that help us to innovate sophisticated technologies from smartphones to cyber weapons, we still lack the education, skills, and practice needed for living well with others and feeling good about ourselves. From birth, each of us is shaped constantly by our experiences- everything we see, hear, feel, think about, every person we encounter, every moment of our lives influences us uniquely. 

Why now?

We have ready access to expansive resources and information that previous generations did not get to experience. We have attained knowledge about the inner workings of our bodies and brains that have transformed the way we understand humanity. Perspective Science comprises topics from neuroscience to psychology that are revolutionizing their fields. While the threat of widespread global destruction may loom over us, we are also witnessing radical innovations that are creating “intelligent” technologies that mimic human decision-making. We are now able to successfully relegate many more complex human projects to machines, and the workings of these machines are only becoming more advanced. Effective and pervasive robotic systems with neural networks modeled on the human brain necessitate that the future of human innovation involves expertise in factors not conducive to computing replacement, such as those based upon human interaction including behaviors based on emotion and perspective. 

Meet the Team

Dr. Jose Melendez

Doctor of Philosophy
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science  

Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Beatriz Lopez

Doctor of Education
Curriculum and Instruction

Inter American University of Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 

Melissa Reyes

Austin Independent School District

Bachelor of Science
Exceptional Student Education   

Florida International University

Dr. Pachomius Okogie

International Benedictine University of Sant'Anselmo, Roma

Doctor of Philosophy
Philosophy, Health Care Ethics

Duquesne University of Pittsburgh 

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