Perspective Science provides an educational solution to our insufficient understanding of the human perspective. Computers have not yet tapped into the true depth of our brains, and simply making bigger and faster computers won’t change that. Computers lack the human experiences that create our perspectives, which is why Perspective Science ultimately forms a bridge between computer science and the physiological and psychological sciences. Through discovering what influences us towards having a certain outlook on life, we have been able to create tools that help people manage that outlook. Perspective Science teaches people how to leverage their human experiences- their emotions, senses, and thought processes- during decision making for every aspect of their lives.


Science of Sense Perception

How you sense and interpret the external and internal world 

Science of Memories

How you store and recall information, problem solve, and why your brain is not a computer

Science of Emotions

Why you feel emotions, how they affect you, and how to leverage them in your decision-making

Awareness of Self

Understanding your personal motives, habits, emotions, memories, and sense perceptions

Awareness of Others

How to understand how you are influenced by others

The Perspective Cycle Paradigm

A model for the cycle of perspective that you experience